Bolivian History 101: 202 years of Battle of La Tablada -TARIJA

El Diario reports:

The beautiful Tarija remembers today 202 years of The Battle of the Tablada.

When commemorating the 202 years of the Battle of La Tablada, Tarija shows a negative performance, which is reflected in its main indicators, despite the statements of national authorities about the resources received by the region.

On April 15, 1817, a decisive battle was fought -in the War of Independence- in the fields of La Tablada de Tolomosa. The “montoneros”, under the command of Eustaquio Méndez, defeated the royalist army presided over by Colonel Mateo Ramírez.

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Let’s not forget that Tarija chose to be part of Bolivia, rather than joining Argentina. People from Tarija are by far amicable, well-mannered and with a great sense of humor. Kudos to all of you dear Tarijeños!

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