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How the ruling party keeps lying in Bolivia!

A Sub Editorial from Pagina Siete:

The real lie of 21F

The marches and concentrations for the Yes and for the No to the continuity of Evo Morales were full, crowded, impressive.

The street used to “belong” to the MAS, there, the ruling party always won. However, this time, citizens who asked to respect the February 21 vote against a new reelection of Morales passed from social networks, where they used to protest angrily, to San Francisco Plaza.

The other great difference between them is that the citizens of the No, the vast majority, came voluntarily.

screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-9-22-58-amThis was not the case at the MAS, where cards, notebooks for signatures were distributed, and even photos were required to ensure the presence of public officials, who left the offices and were taken by bus to El Alto to march. The instructions even lost the elegance and spared the euphemisms, because they were required to attend or go to paint walls or, what is worse, to avoid criticism, many were forced to take a day off. [this photo is an instruction from Customs Office in Santa Cruz]

Thus, the “day of the lie” was commemorated with a true lie.