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Pope Francis greets Bolivian youth orchestra

Vatican Radio reports:

Pope Francis greets Bolivian youth orchestra


Pope Francis on Wednesday greeted a youth orchestra from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, called the “Hombres nuevos,” during his General Audience.

The orchestra come from one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city, and the ambassador of Bolivia to the Holy See, Julio Cesar Caballero Montero, said “they have not been conditioned by the poverty in which they live.”

The group specializes in sacred music, especially from the Renaissance and Baroque period, and the Ambassador said their artistry is a “great demonstration of faith and hope.”


I have to congratulate current Bolivian government for their decision to appoint Caballero as our Ambassador to the Holy See. A well deserved  appointment based on his professional merits and also a good Catholic.

Kudos to the Hombres Nuevos youth orchestra!