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Bolivia Investigates Arms Shipment from USA

Prensa Latina reports:

Bolivia Investigates Arms Shipment from USA


La Paz, Feb 19 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian authorities continue today investigating over an arms shipment from United States which was discovered on Friday in Santa Cruz department, hidden in the double bottom of a trailer.

These are 34 machine guns and long range rifles, some with telescopic sight, and 41 pistols, shipped on November 22 in Miami.

The arsenal passed through ports in the Dominican Republic, Peru and Chile, before entering the Bolivian territory, where it was intercepted by customs authorities.

For this, the Special Force of Fight against the Crime (Felcc) arrested six people, among them the owner and the driver of the vehicle where the arms were transported.

The Felcc chief in Santa Cruz, Colonel Gonzalo Medina, confirmed the arrests, but he avoided giving more details because he considered that this is a very delicate investigation that endangers the security of the State.

Meanwhile, the Government minister, Carlos Romero, added that the cargo was addressed to a Bolivian citizen, who is wanted by the authorities.

‘We are concerned about the use of those weapons, what the purposes are, since such a cargo means illegal trafficking and provision for criminal organizations,’ stated Romero.

Bolivia appealed to the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) to determine how the arsenal embarked in the United States passed through four countries’ control and was not detected.



Anarchy under current government has been sprouting dangerously … narcotrafficking is booming and given actual president is foremost the coca grower caudillo, certainly raises eyebrows to the very least …

Bolivia is dangerously following the path of Somalia …