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Livestock sector calls for law to regulate burning

El Deber reports:

Livestock sector calls for law to regulate burning

screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-9-07-17-amThe livestock sector of Santa Cruz, within the framework of the sectoral congress held at Fegasacruz facilities, among other points, resolved to take steps before the Government to accede to the approval of a law that permits regularization of the fires and thus exempt administrative processes and of economic sanctions against livestock producers in Santa Cruz and Beni who are now being harassed by forest fires that were not provoked by them.

According to the leader of the livestock sector of Santa Cruz, José Luis Roque, several producers of the Chiquitania and Pantanal in Santa Cruz and Beni have been notified with fines, allegedly for causing fires. The reversal of the property is the greatest sectoral fear.

From Beni, the president of the Federation of Cattlemen, Abdón Nacif, said that the sector has already submitted a proposal for a supreme decree to the Government that, among the scope, seeks to release fines and sanctions for the 1,500 producers who in 2016 were affected by drought and forest fires.
The leader indicated that they do not see fair to pay fines for burns that they did not commit.


The ineptitude of the ruling government has allowed this problem to escalate, there are tremendous pressure to re-settle people from the highlands to these lands, and that is manipulated by this government, as they need support to their desire to remain in power at any cost!