Julieta Bolivar helps homeless people in Chicago

Great news from a great Bolivian:


Bolivian gives shelter to homeless people in the United States

The Cochabambina Julieta Bolívar and her 3 children share what they have with those in need.

2013-12-26 10.35.55 amFor the Bolivian immigrant Julieta Bolívar, the feast of Christmas is shared with the family and the needy, especially indigent immigrants from her neighborhood who have no warm clothes to withstand the harsh winter of Chicago (Illinois).

For this reason, every December 25th and for the last 14 years,  at the latin neighborhood Pilsen, she settles early with her three children by Tenochtitlan plaza, to distribute clothing, bread, chocolate and hot oatmeal.

“I started as a way of  teaching my children about the importance of giving to those in need, and this became a family tradition and in true Christmas for everyone,” she told EFE.

Bolivar, born in Cochabamba, arrived in Chicago from Ecuador 22 years ago, but had previously lived in Colombia and Chile. “Life was leading me,” recalled on her arrival with her family to St. Louis, Missouri, at age 18.

She then moved to Chicago, where she lived for many years as undocumented until she could solve her immigration status. Her children — Miriam, Ivan and Jesus, who currently have 24, 21 and 19 years – were born in the United States.

Julieta delivers new and used jackets, and wraps in gift bags, new gloves, warm socks and scarves, she buys with her money and the help of some donors.

Before Christmas day, she will also go to some houses to deliver gifts, like the Espinosa family, in the nearby city of Cicero, where the head of household has delicate health and the wife suffers from cancer.

In another family in the same city, she helps a young man who moves in a wheelchair. “We do it every year, regardless of the cold and storms”.

Most of those who receive gifts of this Samaritan woman at plaza Tenochtitlan are indigents who police prohibited from meeting in the place, a measure which she considers unfair.

“They have no family and we consider them drunken, dirty or thugs. But we don’t have any rights, each dragged his own cross and drama,” said Julieta.

This year, in addition to their three children, Bolivar has with the help of a neighbor who became honorary Santa Claus, after passing by the square and ask what was going on. “Since then he has not missed and joins the Christmas spirit with the gift-giving,” he said.


My kudos and respect to this wonderful human! Lets welcome Julieta Bolivar to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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