Presidential duality?

El Diario cartoon (10/29/11) is eloquent!! Current Bolivian president and current coca grower leader of the six federations from the Chapare region is being handled like a kid who did something terribly wrong. As he holds the TIPNIS agreement he had to endure, the coca growers in the person of one of their leaders who criticized the most, is pulling the honorable ear of… here is the question, the Bolivian president or the coca growers’ president?

Ever since he assumed the Bolivian presidency he said he was president of both. Many of his actions were explained by him; once he said: I just do (instruct) one thing and have the lawyers fix it (re-interpreting the existing laws or issue new ones so what he says gets done). As for the TIPNIS accord, over 66 days, over 500 kilometer walk and lots of media coverage had resulted in the breaking of one of this president’s promise: this road will be made in spite of anyone.

Nevertheless, after the defeat of the governmental will, it is time for the conflicting and aggressive coca growers; yesterday around noon time, Bolivian news TV was showing the Governor of Cochabamba, speaking to 600 coca growers, “explaining” them about the outcome of the TIPNIS decision, he went further by saying the TIPNIS issue was an attempt to overthrown the government, he was emphatically trying to build up the spirits of his crowd, looking for nothing but conflict.

The worst thing that can happen to any political leader in this century is that nothing gets under the carpet, there will always be a cell phone with camera or any other sort of gadget that will audio-visually register what happened. The 21st century has a long and relentless memory.

It must be difficult to have two or more masters… just think about this at the time of new presidential elections.

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