October environmental economics 101 about “intangible”

After the turmoil of the TIPNIS road to be or not to be built, finally incumbent parties have sat and now the Assembly will be cleaning up the mess… However, they are arguing over what is intangible or not. Indigenous people say it would refer to large projects, apparently made by and/or approved by the State; and that the day-to-day lives of the indigenous people should remain as such, using the natural resources the way they have been doing.

While such debate of what is understood or not by the intangibility, I want to remind everyone that TIPNIS has two “owners,” there is the indigenous territory where the indigenous people and the government can discuss over that term and others, no problem there. However, when is the case of the National Park, then NO one should get inside, nor do anything, period. A National Park is there to stay, to be preserved. That is why there is an indigenous territory.

Last but not least, the red line must be enforced, all those trespassers until today must be kicked out, period. From both areas, the indigenous territory and the national park. Bolivia needs to seize the moment, we must generate jurisprudence.

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