CBN is a great and proud Bolivian company, 125 years old!!

Today, Pagina Siete made a positive and excellent report, among the usual “negative and pessimistic” issues that lately devastates our beautiful Bolivia.

The National Bolivian Brewery (CBN) is going to celebrate its 125 years old on October 20, 2011. It is incredible and amazing to reach such maturity in a country where very few companies even reach 10 years.

CBN generates around 2,600 direct and indirect jobs; has 5 plants in similar number of facilities countrywide. Its tax contribution between 2010 and 2011 is over 1.8 billion Bolivianos; 20.5% more than previous year (2009 – 2010). There are over 44,000 places where its products are sold nationwide, an impressive distribution mechanism.

Back in time, when Bolivia had the “tin Barons” (Simon Patino, Mauricio Hochschild, Victor Aramayo) which were the largest and most important mining companies in country, CBN paid more taxes than them combined, it was 1937.

CBN has several quality products and exports to the USA, Spain, Switzerland and Chile among others.

I remember that during the 70s my father was in Chile and asked in a five-star hotel, for the better beer they had, and the waiter came with a can of Pacena Centenario. CBN shares are the most wanted investment in country, I wish CBN the best and more years to come, as it brings stability, employment and offers value added to Bolivia.

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