Bolivian high $$ cost of Judicial “elections”

After the storm, things begin to settle in the political arena, however current Bolivian government is facing now criticism over legality and legitimacy of the elections of Sunday, October 16, 2011.

For one, there is public opinion questioning whether or not the “pre-selected” candidates by this government who appear to be the most voted, should reject stepping in office as null and white (empty) votes outnumber the actual votes (valid) for all those candidates. Trends still go up and null & white votes are well over 60% range.

El Diario cartoon illustrates today the way public opinion feels about this “election:” high cost for a not-so-clear and non-transparent election. Over 100 million Bolivianos were spent, in the cartoon you can see current Bolivian president and the head of the electoral office being covered by th humongous electoral ballot as they watch money flying away. Carlos Valverde (tv program last night and radio today) among other journalists and analysts say president’s face still shows disaster and contempt over what most people qualify as the worst electoral campaign ever lost by current political party since 2005. President said valid votes were going to be around 70%, it appears that the 70% figure will be reached, but with empty and null votes…

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