Minor Vidal: I’m not a hero, I’m a blessed miracle from God!

Minor Vidal left the clinic today, he spoke briefly and said as a catholic, “I’m not a hero, I’m a blessed miracle from God!” he was found alive on September 9th, as he was the only survivor from the Aerocon crash as the plane was approaching Trinidad airport.

This picture is from El Deber’s website, on the left as he was leaving the clinic in Cochabamba; the right side shows how bad he was found earlier this month.

Minor said: “I believe that is the message God wanted to give us all, not only to me but to all Bolivia and the world in general, that he exists and that we should never lose faith. And that when we want something or we embark into something, obviously in the right path, He will listen to us the same way He listened to me”

“God wanted to give a message he exists, and that no matter what, we cannot lose our faith, miracles exist and a clear proof is me. And if God has kept me alive it must be for something; I think it was to change people’s mentality and that we keep on believing in his presence, ” he said.

Vidal said that in any time, since the plane crashed, he did not lose faith nor he was weak because all the time he walked and prayed, and he placed his life in God’s hands to get out of the plane first, and  then in the place where he was found.


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