La Paz is divided! TIPNIS was the detonator

The stronghold of current government is divided; for many years La Paz showed nothing but support to current government policies. Today around noon time, a group of highlanders, campesinos from rural La Paz, from Aymara origin marched in downtown La Paz city; showing support to current Bolivian president. Support marches like this one happened many times in the last seven years. However, today it had a dramatic and violent outcome. Picture is from Los Tiempos in its website, today and shows violent confrontations.

The supporters of current government were questioned by citizens and there were insults, and some punches back and forth; the supporters of the government also spit their coca chewing and hit the bystanders with their whips. The TIPNIS protest-walk and the violent police repression was the source of the confrontation. Anarchy has taken the streets, which reflect current political deterioration of the president and the rest of his party affiliates wiht the majority of the Bolivian society who support the TIPNIS indigenous people.

It is sad to witness how a society, a country deteriorates.

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