Bolivian economics 101; August 19, 2011: REVISED

Today Pagina Siete apologized for the information provided regarding the expenditures of the nine departments. The following link states at its bottom that they made a mistake in reporting figures as 2011 when they were 2001. So initial information provided at my post yesterday “Bolivian economics 101; August 18, 2011” is hereby revised in its first part, sorry.

Expenditures by all nine departments in Bolivia, reflect that all of them did not reach/executed 50% of their allocated budget as of this month, supposedly they should have reached 50% execution by June 30. In any case, SIGMA which is the unit from the Finance Ministry is in charge of reporting this use of public funds, has provided this information, as reflected in this chart:

Oruro has 2.8% and is the lowest Governance in budget execution; Beni (22.7%); Tarija (24.1%); Potosi (24.5%) and Pando (28.6%).

The departments that are performing “better” are La Paz with 49%; Chuquisaca with 45.4%; Santa Cruz 38.6% and Cochabamba with 35.9%.

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