El Alto city negotiating with Bolivian central government

It is no secret that the population of El Alto can and had shaken this and previous governments/political parties if so decides to block access to La Paz city. That is why current government has decided to make El Alto as its first priority among the six main conflicts they have in hand for this week.

La Razon reports in its website about Minister Romero press conference at 16:30 (8/16/2011) that current Bolivian president with some of his ministers met with El Alto leaders. Romero said that some demands are not for the executive government to solve. There are 14 demand points, the main one is the population and household national census, an activity that should take place this year. They demand a larger budget. They want decentralization of the Departmental Health Service. They want some infrastructure be financed and built (roads, hospital). They also request empowerment to  revoke some congressmen and departmental assembly members.


An updated news comes from the website of La Prensa, August 16, 2011 at 18:04. It reports that both major El Alto organizations, the COR and FEJUVE were asking that Planning Minister Viviana Caro leaves the office. COR is the Regional Workers’ Union and FEJUVE is the city organization that has representatives from all the neighborhoods of El Alto city. Both organizations had different views regarding the road blockades over the next days but coincided that Caro should leave the government.


Current president said over the years that he governs with the people, now some organizations are requesting public officials to be fired and also want to have control over elected officials, who stays and who should leave.

So, it appears these organizations do not know well enough the Constitution, which states that democratic elections is the only mechanism to appoint congress people; and that these congress people have a mandate of five years in office.

With regard to ministers and other public officials at the executive branch, those designations are the prerogative of the existing President. Now, the request to remove Caro is similar to the one Santa Cruz campesino organizations made, regarding the removal of Minister Achacollo.

Who draws the line to effectively and legally enforce the Constitution is becoming the one zillion dollar question!

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