Upward trend on violent crimes in Bolivia

Santa Cruz de la Sierra Governor, Ruben Costas was shot in the head on Tuesday April 12, 2011. Initial news reported that he was shot (El Deber) close to Plaza Blacut, when he was trying to stop two people on a motorcycle that stole a woman (gun point), around 100k Bolivianos (Bs6.99 to the dollar).

Social unrest due to narcotrafficking and high crime rate in the streets of beautiful Santa Cruz have grown steadily every year. Costas is being attended at Foianini Clinic.

Ruben Costas, Governor of the most important department in Bolivia, is in good
health, despite a bullet hit on the left side of his skull, on the left side. He
went after two thieves that were assaulting a woman. These criminals saw him, fired with killing intentions. The same day, Bolivian president came from La Paz to visit the Governor.

This incident was not a political situation but simple theft.

Most of the citizens worldwide tend to see such criminal behavior taking place and move on. In this case, our Governor reacted as very few citizens do when in danger, went in the aid of the victim, regardless of his own safety, it is very commendable and all of us are very proud of him. God was on his side, if he had not moved to the left a bit, he would be dead by now. Major efforts by the police resulted in the arrest of several people. However, the criminal who shot Governor Costas is still out there. Society in general hopes this event will trigger a larger police work force in Santa Cruz. Bolivia needs desperately a major commitment from national, regional and local governments to fight crime.

In the meantime, Bolivia continues under daily demonstrations. Unions want to meet with the president, who is available only on Saturday. So street blockades nationwide are taking place. This morning the rural teachers’ union were at 200 meters away from the President’s residence in San Jorge, La Paz.

Road blockades are going to be implemented sporadically throughout the nation. Bolivia is experiencing the largest demonstration in the last forty-one years.  247 events in the first quarter of this year. Blockaders chant “down with Evo” as another proof of his downward popularity.

Despite all those bad news, the international theater festival is going on normally in Santa Cruz.

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