Working attitudes and performance of political appointees under the MAS

One of my readers sent me the pictures and told me about this “experience”…

The following photos illustrate how regular, plain political appointees do “their job” under existing ruling ochlocracy’s watch… our money, our taxes and all that wastefulness!

This happened in one Bolivian airport at one of the three most important cities.

“Getting ready…”


“This feels comfy…”


“This is life…”


“I hope to get out soon…”


Current Bolivian president always reminds us that he is firstly the top leader of the illegal coca growers of the Chapare. And as such he also says it doesn’t matter laws as long as he likes one thing, he just does it, and then, let the lawyers take care of it… in his capacity as coca grower, over these nine years, entire towns across Bolivia have been found to be completely engaged in cocaine processing. precursors smuggling, etc. So , this person works in an airport in the section: Narcotics Inspection, FELCN… and he is certainly not doing his job.

Over the last nine years, narcotrafficking has grown over proportion and violence and crime as well. There are even talks about Colombian, Mexican cartels operating in country. On top of that, drugs from Peru have also found a way through our territory to Brazil and Argentina. We are in the verge of being an Afghanistan, driven by drug lords.

People like the one in the pictures, are only getting richer, two Christmas bonuses included, and could care less of their retribution of a good service, to at least behave as public service employees…

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