Briefs: drought; death count; A H1N1

Drought: The Chaco region in Santa Cruz is experiencing severe drought, cattle are the most hurting. So far 46 animals died because of lack of food and water, as reported by Fegasacruz (cattle grower’s association) to La Razon. There is an estimated half a million bovine cattle in the region that are in jeopardy. The local demand for meat is 2,000 heads per day, and that is not yet in peril. Vice-minister for Rural Development, Victor Hugo Vasquez says that the drought is not going to be as hard as in 2010; he said that both the central government and the municipalities are on top of this issue. Vasquez recalled that by September 2010, there were already 30,000 affected families. [we hope that those governmental expectations don’t fall short…]

Death count: This is an unfortunate and sad reality; which needs to be remembered. Today in Los Tiempos, columnist Monica Olmos had a summary of the violent deaths that happened in Bolivia since the time current president assumed power; in his inaugural speech he declared that he was going to rule without murders, open to the dialogue… The crude reality is that over 60 people died as a result of violent clashes among citizen groups and at times when police force resulted in those fatalities. Olmos, by the end of her article, please see the link below, offers dates, events and number of casualties. [Carlos Valverde has a book and a video which also shows those unfortunate events.]

Flu A H1N1: Cochabamba reports that as of yesterday, a 21 year-old person died as a result of having the flu type A H1N1.

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