Bolivian Catholic Temple shows “hidden” colonial mural

With great pleasure, Bolivia offers to the world another beautiful painting! Located in a Catholic church that was built by 1608 (prior to Harvard University creation, 1636), Curahuara de Carangas offers another great colonial painting of what was “hidden” until now.

Curahuara de Carangas, is on the northeast of Oruro department, three and half hour drive from La Paz. This magnificent mural has “hidden” by the central altarpiece, now you can watch many images of Jesus and Virgin Mary. One of the restoration responsible parties, Gonzalo Garcia said it was the original altarpiece and has not yet been identified its date of elaboration; until today and on top of it was placed an altarpiece with baroque characteristics.

Preliminary research establishes it was painted as an homage to Virgin Mary, there are a number of life events between Virgin Mary and Jesus. This Temple and the one in Andahuaylillas, Peru are the two in Latin America, regarded as “Sistine chapels.”

Entering this temple is like going through a temporal dimension, portrays many of the Bible events: Adam and Eve in the paradise; Noah’s ark; the ring of the sin, the final supper and final judgement among others.

Kudos to Gabriel Antequera, priest who made this possible, along with effective municipal authorities. This temple was declared National Monument in 1960; this “discovery” was made possible with the financing of the German Embassy. The picture shown in this blog, displays the mural restoration works with German Ambassador, Philipp Schauer; whom we also thank!

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