Bolivian Mother’s day

During our quest for independence, May 27th is the date we Bolivians remember and cherish for our mothers. In Cochabamba, women fought against Spain’s army. Most of the men were enrolled in the army that was fighting for our independence, and an Spaniard army bypassed ours and went to Cochabamba city. Cochabamba women along with elders and a few youngsters confronted that army in the hill named “Coronilla” Most of them gave their lives to protect their homeland, they are regarded as our heroes.

Thus, Bolivians took that date as a way to honor women, mothers that regardless any danger to themselves, they fight and care for us. Have a nice day dear and beloved Mothers! I am blessed and thank God that I will spend this day with mine!!

An excellent research on how mother’s day is remembered in Bolivia, the USA and Kuwait appears in:

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