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The manufacturing sector expressed discontent with the MAS, for the wrong reasons!

El Dia reports:

The manufacturing sector expressed discontent with the MAS

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 7.00.51 PMFactory workers dismiss the MAS as an instrument of defense of labor rights and discuss the formation of a political party for 2019 to the mistreatment received by the Government in recent years.

That possibility and other issues are discussed in a national expanded meeting from the General Confederation of Industrial Workers of Bolivia, which meets in the city of Cochabamba, following the failed agreement with the government in the case of Enatex.

The leader of La Paz, Fidel Machaca, said “the manufacturing sector, to the events that took place with the industrial sector, mining cooperatives, civic committe of Potosi and the mistreatment to the disabled, and to the obstinacy of the Government, believes that should happen the emergence of a new alternative in 2019 so that workers know where to lean.”

He said that the need for an alternative was for non-compliance and poor response of the Government in the entire process of change that supported and the proof is the Enatex case was not respected by the Ministry of Labor, who “won by fatigue the battle, but not the war,” said Machaca.


Cheap demagogue, populist ochlocracy and the “believe” that the government has to solve “your” problems is clearly outlined here.

These union leaders are questioning current government because they no longer have access to power. The coca grower caudillo is afraid to let go the government and the money has also run out. All the promises he gave to all the sectors that made him president are now beginning to question and demand more and more.

It is absurd that these union leaders say nothing about stopping the smuggling of all those products that enter the country by the thousands and our industrial sector can not compete …

They should demand clear rules of the game, stop the smuggling, ban road blockades and stop governmental corruption, instead they say they will create a new political party?! Countries around us, are getting rid of the demagogues of the “socialism of the 21st century” … but here they only think about their quotas of power, what a shame, what a disgrace!