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Jubileo recommends BCB to use clear rules

ANF reports in El Deber:

Jubileo recommends BCB to use clear rules

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.46.36 PMThe BCB reported that YPFB pays concessional loans. The rest benefits from its five-year grace period.

The Jubileo Foundation recommended the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) to apply clear rules for the use of international reserves, as these are not freely available.

It recommended that public companies that acquired loans with the BCB to perform an analysis of the sustainability of their debt to guarantee payment of their commitments.

“From Jubileo, what we have recommended is that there should be clear rules for the use of international reserves. Those clear rules that should give us parameters if we have significant savings in international reserves, the country may put a limit in terms of the liabilities that are used for payment of the foreign debt and also the monetary base of the financial system” said economic analyst Patricia Miranda.

For Miranda, is necessary that the reserves -as of June reached $12,100 million- have a limit availability. “We must give that limit to the use of reserves, ensuring they should not be non-refundable,” said / ANF