Singani = 65 kg (grapes/uvas)

El Dia: They distill 65 kg of grapes for a bottle of singani A group of Bolivian winemakers managed to produce a singani with a concentration of 67 kilos of grapes per bottle and 10 years of rest, which represents a milestone in the country’s wine industry, explained those responsible for the project. Long-standing project….

Ecocidio – Bolivia – Ecocide

El Diario: Ruling of the Court of Nature State policy and agribusiness caused “ecocide” in Bolivia The TIDN establishes guarantees so that fires do not occur again, among them the abrogation of the norms that promote the expansion of the agrarian border and with it the burning and clearing. In Bolivia, 6.4 million hectares were…

Bolivia’s fine wine

The Economist reports: High varietals Bolivia’s other intoxicating export—fine wine A newcomer to tipple’s top table In 2010 the Netherlands’ Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries, which is financed by the government, sent Cees van Casteren to Bolivia. His mission was to help Bolivia’s vintners break into Europe. It was a tough assignment….

Bolivia, a surprising land of extremes

PAUL FROESE for the Union-Bulletin: Breakfast that mid-January morning was a plate piled high with fried trout, boiled potatoes and rice, with a side of tomato and cucumber salad. We had a long day of travel ahead, and our Peruvian hosts wanted to make sure we wouldn’t get hungry before reaching our destination. I had…