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Read about how Brazilians understand Bolivian Senator Roger Pinto’s ordeal

Bolivian Senator, Roger Pinto is finally safe! This is an excerpt about his remarks, this Sunday, from Brasilia:

Pinto in Brazil: “I thank the authorities; I had a good trip”

2013-08-25 10.17.20 pmRoger Pinto, who spent 15 months in the Brazilian Embassy in the city of La Paz, said he will wait for “the right time” to explain his current situation in Brazil and the details of his departure from Bolivia, where the Government of Evo Morales described him as “fugitive”.


Now, lets go back to the subject of this post:

This is from Brazil’s g1.globo.com

Understand the case of Bolivian Senator Roger Pinto

Evo Morales’ opponent arrived in Brazil without a license [safe-conduct] to leave Bolivia.

Pinto was sentenced to prison for corruption, but claims political persecution.

2013-08-25 03.57.31 pmThe Bolivian Senator Roger Pinto, of 53 years, arrived in Brazil on Saturday (24) after living more than one year asylee in the Brazilian Embassy in La Paz, where he took refuge in May 28, 2012. The trip between the Bolivian capital and the city of Corumbá (MS) – which lasted 22 hours – was made in a car of the Embassy of Brazil, with the support of navy soldiers. According to Senator Ricardo Ferraço (PMDB-ES), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Pinto was received by Federal police agents and went to Brasilia in a plane.

In Bolivia, Roger Pinto was sentenced in June to a year in prison for “dereliction of duty” and “economic damage to the State”. According to the complaint, he was responsible for losses of more than 1.6 million dollars to public coffers in 2000, accused of granting resources irregularly to Amazon University of Pando. He answers still about 20 cases of contempt, the sale of State assets and corruption.

The parliamentary claims political persecution by the Government of Evo Morales and states that the proceedings were instituted after he made allegations of corruption against the Governor of Pando and delivered reserved reports to Evo, about alleged links between drug trafficking and authorities.

The 53-year-old Roger Pinto is married and has three children and four grandchildren. He is a parliamentary of Pando Department, in the Amazon region, and the Senate leader of the opposition group National Convergence.

Brazilian asylum

Roger Pinto took refuge in the Brazilian Embassy in La Paz on May 28, 2012. On June 8 of the same year, Brazil had granted asylum to the Senator. The decision was criticized by Bolivia, which spoke of “misunderstanding”.

Without getting a safe-conduct from the Bolivian Government, Roger Pinto lived more than a year in the building of the Brazilian Embassy in La Paz. According to one of the three daughters, Pinto was in an area of 20 m², with bed, desk, TV, minibar and desk, without bathroom itself.

AGU was against use of car

2013-08-25 03.57.00 pmIn a document sent to the Supreme Court (STF), the Attorney General of the Union (AGU) said in June that it was against the possibility of the Government grant diplomatic car to Bolivian Senator. In action filed in May, the defense of Senator questioned the actions of the Brazilian Government in resolving the case and asked for a car so the parliamentary could leave Bolivia.

In the document of 50 pages, which has the signature of President Dilma Rousseff, the AGU says they can’t grant diplomatic car because there are Bolivian justice decisions restricting the possibility of Senator leave the country. “If the Brazilian Government provide the individual with the required vehicle to leave Bolivia, we’d be in violation of the international order, disregarding judicial decisions of Bolivian Courts, who have already decided that this person cannot leave the country.”

In its opinion, the AGU said it would take a safe-conduct by the Bolivian Government, document that Brazil can’t force to be granted, because it is that country’s prerogative. “Brazil has initiated intensive negotiations, with the objective of obtaining the safe-conduct, without which the person can’t leave Bolivia”.

Arrival in Brazil

Roger Pinto landed at 1:10am this Sunday (25) at the airport of Brasilia, the Brazilian Senator Ricardo Ferraço (PMDB-ES), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (watch the video [please use the original link below] alongside the arrival of Pinto).

He left the capital La Paz in a Brazilian Embassy car and traveled for 22 hours – with support of Brazilian navy soldiers – to Corumbá (MS), said Ferraco. In the Brazilian city, Pinto would have been received by Federal Police officers and later boarded in the private plane of the relatives of Ferraco to Brasilia, where he will stay in the apartment of the Brazilian Senator.

According to Ferraco, the organization for the coming of Pinto was made “in conjunction” with the Brazilian authorities. He said that Brazil had requested safe passage, that the action is “an initiative of national sovereignty” and that the country has made a “gesture of human solidarity”.

“To the extent that the Brazilian Government had already given asylum and had requested safe passage and safe-conduct is in fact an initiative of national sovereignty, I do not see any problem in coming to Brazil that is first of all a gesture of human solidarity. Were 455 days in absolutely restricted conditions and we are facing a political persecution by the absence of democracy in Bolivia,” said the Brazilian parliamentary.

“He’s not on the run. He was welcomed in Corumbá by federal agents, and under all procedures. The Brazilian Government had already granted political asylum before the safe-conduct. He is welcomed in Brazil as a refugee, as a persecuted politician “, he added.


So, Brazil has very well understood the innuendos, its clear crystal, despite the absurd, insane pathological excuses/remarks current central Bolivian government has to offer…

Thank you Brazil, and Senator Ricardo Ferraço for having a real working democracy! Kudos to Roger Pinto and his family for all they had to endure, due to current Bolivia sorry piece of government…