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Food security versus food safety? nah! just plain governmental incompetence!

Ismael Luna reports for El Dia:

Uncertainty in producers

More rice enters formally and illegally

This figure. According to the IBCE, 2013, until November the country imported 15 times more than in 2012.

2014-01-10 10.57.40 amRice producers are worried about the entry of rice from abroad by way of smuggling. Between January and November, rice import grew 15 times with respect to 2012, according to the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Commerce (IBCE).

“But these data refer to the legal import. “What affected us in a significant way was the income via smuggling of rice, which, paradoxically, to the low production, has left us as the balance product thrust deposited at the mills”, narrated, Ana Isabel Ortiz, General Manager of the Federation of Rice Cooperatives (Fenca).

On the data. According to the report of Jimena Leon, head of the statistics unit of the IBCE, says that Bolivia has imported rice in year 2012, worth $16.7 million dollars for 28,000 tons; while in 2012 the value of purchase was $1.6 million dollars for 2,300 tons.

“The product that has grown out of purchases from abroad has been milled rice. This year imported $16.7 million dollars, also bought rice 15 times more than was done in 2012 “, said Leon.

While Ortiz noted that the volume of imports was made by the Government to offset low production that 2012 was 550 thousand tons, while the 2013 fell to 320 thousand tons. “There was a deficit of nearly 230 thousand tons of rice, as a result of the weather we have had,” he said.

The Executive of Fenca blamed excessive smuggling that caused speculation of the product with an apparent rise in prices on the one hand and on the other hand, a direct involvement to the producer who in addition to not benefiting from the high prices, remained stagnant with their production of rice. “Rice rose to Bs12 the kilograms, but for the producer stood at five. This sequel continues, and we expect the Government to change the rules of game,” she said.

Perspectives. Faced with this reality, Salome Tupa, President of Fenca, urged the Government to exercise greater control with the entry of rice from countries such as Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina.

“The rice that is entering is a product of poor quality which is making us an unfair competition. “We hope to be controlled”, ended.