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Discover about what current Bolivian gov does it best!! … ruin our mining sector!!

Humberto Vacaflor Ganam writes for hoybolivia.com

Curious discoveries

Humberto VacaflorThe State administration of some mines is about to achieve a feat: the bankruptcy of enterprises when metals prices remain at very high levels.

If we look closely, the Government of President Evo Morales has failed in the Mutún, in Huanuni, Colquiri, Corocoro and Karachipampa.

It must be admitted that its failures were made in very short time, with great alacrity.

The former State mining crisis occurred in 1984, i.e. 32 years after the nationalization. On the other hand, the current crisis occurs on an average of only three years of the last nationalization.

After the strike of the Huanuni miners last April, President Morales felt disappointed with all mine workers and all State mines in general.

It is an activity with which he is not identified. A few days ago he said that the helmet of the miner, who was formerly a revolutionary symbol, now represents the ambitious, friends of the Empire.

It is likely that now, before the crisis of Huanuni becomes terminal, the Government decide transferring it to large cooperatives.

The Bolivian State, through Comibol, has proved incapable of controlling this site. The administration formula used in 2006 was to repeat the experiment of self-management that had tried, with very bad luck, in 1984.

But that is not reported. So explained that the Government is “discovering” irregularities in Huanuni, as if it were a mine which is not administered by the State Comibol.

It is now up to the Government to “discover” what happened to the Mutún, the steel project that had to be stopped due to lack of natural gas, what is happening in Colquiri, the mine nationalized and then subjected to a Solomonic solution between the cooperatives and Comibol, what happens in Corocoro, where costs have soared and why is that we should continue to wait for that white elephant Karachipampa, which does not work despite the several openings, with pesky speeches.

And then, if they have time, the Government must “discover” why exports of grains continue braking by an incompetent Ministry.

This Government only reviewing their mistakes has a long agenda of “discoveries”.



And what infuriates me is the way current president like to open his speeches… “I’m learning”… “I understand now” phrases that only incompetent people for the job say at one time or another. Bolivia has no luxury time to “learn” to “understand”… this is not a laboratory nor a playground, this is OUR country!!

We do not need old-fashioned union leaders, utopian and demagogue people, we need competent professionals who know about their trade, we need meritocracy and not ochlocracy!