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Current Bolivian central gov continues its political persecution, enough!

ANF reports in El Diario:

Leopoldo Fernández: “They want me guilty”

Leopoldo FernandezAlmost two years of house arrest, the former prefect of Pando, Leopoldo Fernández, yesterday [11/23/2014] declared that “the government wants me  guilty for the Porvenir case, so that the truth of the situation on the clashes that took the lives of 13 people and dozens missing and wounded on September 11, 2008, remains unknown”.

“They need that guilt falls on someone and, in this case, Leopoldo Fernández and some co-defendants who are with me because if it were not so, the country would ask, well if Leopoldo Fernández is not responsible for the events in Porvenir, then who is responsible and the answer would be the government,” Fernandez said to the ANF agency AN.

Defending counsel for the pandino is, Mary Carrasco, she said the trial against those responsible for the slaughter of Porvenir is with an 85% progress, after its inception in 2010, a guilty verdict is expected in December [2014] against the accused in the killings of more than 13 peasants.


To date, there are over 600 Bolivians that had to flee the country due to current ochlocracy’s political persecution.

Justice is almost non existent and there is no independence of powers, Bolivian Democracy remains under peril… ENOUGH!

On top of that, Brazil continues to fail to give political asylum to Roger Pinto, shame on you!