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Michael Sayman recommends be curious to succeed

Diego Jaramillo reports for El Deber:

Sayman recommends be curious to succeed

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.02.16 AMMichael Sayman urged young Bolivians, in an interview before the talk at El Deber, to have more interest in computer and learn how to create applications.

Michael Sayman is only 18 years old and works in Facebook after being summoned by Mark Zuckerberg. The young genius of Bolivian father and Peruvian mother and is in Bolivia, during a talk at El Deber, he recommended that the young be curious and ask to answer all your questions as a way to succeed in life.

“Trying to be curious and ask why the (things)” is the maximum for Sayman, that led him to succeed at his young age.

Sayman, creator of the application 4snaps at age 16, came to the country for the second time with his mother to give three talks on creating mobile applications.

Before starting his first session with reporters from El Deber, he motivated young people to explore the Internet, which considers the world’s largest university.

¿Unnecessary Universities?

One of the most controversial opinions of Sayman, is that he sees formal education provided by today’s university, is as unnecessary because he believes that all knowledge is stored in the cloud and is freely accessible to all.


Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.01.57 AMTo watch Michael, use this link

My personal opinion regarding going or not to a university: most of us, mortals, need to study, need to attend a university to learn, to build up knowledge to contribute in society, while other more fortunate people like Michael do not have to… that is all there is to it.

To be an academician, a scholar is to have in fact what Michael advocates, to be curious about things, and that prompts innovation, that brings solutions.