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Lidema celebrates 30 years and seeks to care for Mother Earth

Pagina Siete reports:

Was celebrated on Wednesday

Lidema celebrates 30 years and seeks to care for Mother Earth

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 11.02.44 AMThe League of Environmental Defense (Lidema) turned 30 years of work and its challenges are to develop planning processes to prevent and avoid timely and effectively the damage to Mother Earth.

“It also seeks to contribute technically to the skills and knowledge of different audiences and stakeholders in sustainable development, monitoring of impacts, climate change, solid waste management, risk management, adaptation and mitigation, food security and sovereignty, environmental education, among others,” explains a statement of the entity.

The new anniversary was celebrated on Wednesday [08/26/2015] and reaffirmed its commitment to pursue research that contributes to decision making and public policy development, such as: the identification and management of environmental liabilities to address plans, programs and remediation projects.

Lidema was created in 1985 to coordinate the actions of environmental institutions to promote a comprehensive approach conservation in a time when environmental issues was almost unknown in the country.

“We are aware of the continuing need to analyze and read the realities of change and transformation in our country in the political, social, cultural, economic and environmental, with a view to respond in a timely, relevant and purposeful way to these historic challenges” said the President of Lidema’s Board, Daniel Virreira.