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Millions of dollars wasted and OUR roads remain a disaster!

Current Bolivian government bragged about their G-77+China boondoggle, unofficial expenditure figures are over $77 million dollars! While there are many, many other more important needs for our population. Thus, the demagogue and incompetence of this rulers are day by day more evident and frustrating!

Transporters criticize the ABC for the condition of the north route

2014-07-07 09.50.23 amMore than fifty potholes and delay in the construction of a section in the Santa Cruz-Warnes (Km 9 and 10) constitute serious hazards for drivers and passengers passing through that road.

To this, adds the berms (extreme sides of the road) that have disappeared and are converted into cracks. A trip by El Deber found that the rainfall this day deepened the deteriorating asphalt and holes begin to enlarge. Truck and bus drivers are demanding road maintenance. ABC officials could not be reached / HHG


The priorities of the coca-growers government… the best thing that this ruling ochlocracy can offer…