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Mutun, a constant reminder of current gov’s inefficiency!

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Diario:

The Mutún gasometer

Humberto VacaflorThe Mutún steel project is not working, it is true, but plays an irreplaceable role: used to know how much natural gas is available to Bolivians after the demand for Argentina and Brazil has been serviced.

The “gas war” that was fought earlier this century, has become by now a painful counting of the leftovers of Bolivian natural gas that could be used.

It has ceased to assert that the “gas is for Bolivians.” The sad reality is that “gas leftovers are for Bolivians.”

The Jindal Steel asked 10 million m3/d to Mutún and when they were told that was not possible, they reduced their demand to 6 million, but it was not possible because the government offered 2 million. It was then, when the company went back to India. They could not go farther away.

But now, the very giving President Evo Morales says his government has not forgotten the Mutún and will relaunch it in 2017 using 300,000 m3/d of gas. That is 3% of what Jindal asked.

The volume is equivalent to 0.5% of current production of gas, 1% of what is sent to Brazil and 0.7% of what is sent to Argentina.

This gasometer is to appreciate the true value that gives the government to the siderurgy, the industry of industries in the booming industrialization.

There is an additional problem. As YPFB is now campaigning and produces more oil news, they have not informed the president Morales that in 2017 there may not exist leftovers because gas depletion of the megafields will have been accelerated.

The very own Fitch Ratings has said that Bolivia in that year could be in trouble to meet gas export commitments to Argentina and Brazil.

But something is being done. The PDVSA drill is going to Lliquimuni. Delayed a bit, its true, but it will. There are six years of this hard trip. But it’s going.

It will start operating in December, according to the promise of YPFB. In full rainy season. Carlos Miranda Pacheco says that the sole announcement is shameless because YPFB has said more than once that during the rainy season they can not operate the drill.

But the gas is for Bolivians. YPFB vents or sells it and what falls is for Bolivians.



This puts in evidence the “effectiveness” of current ochlocracy in power…