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Pagina Siete reports:

In the XXVIII version of the most important event of Technology and Financial Innovation of Latin America (CLAB 2018), organized by the Latin American Federation of Banks (Felaban), which counted with the participation of more than 120 banks of the region, they were presented to the winners of the sixth edition of the Financial Innovation Award, where the BNB obtained the fourth place with the Punto Digital project, says a BNB newsletter.

“The success case presented was highlighted by the solution to specific market problems and positive impact, as well as the intensive use of technology as a result of the innovation process, among other evaluation criteria,” the document points out.

The Digital Point allows the opening of a savings box in an average of eight minutes, time in which people take a selfie and through the facial biometric authentication system the identity of the clients is recognized to initiate the process of opening, the which can be done both in agencies, as well as in the mobile application or on the bank’s website, says BNB information.

Present at the event were Pablo Bedoya, Chairman of the Board; Antonio Valda, Executive Vice President; Álvaro Espinoza, vice president of Business, and Carlos Mojica, manager of the Division of Innovation and Digital Banking on behalf of the BNB.

In this regard, the Bolivian Association of Banks (Asoban), highlighted the special mention of the fourth place obtained with the BNB Digital Point, among the 20 innovative ideas that generate value in Latin America. “We share with them this memorable moment and we are witnesses of the progress, with firm steps, on the road to digital transformation”, according to the official website of Asoban.