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Brazilian diplomats outraged with La Paz, according to local press – Roger Pinto’s political asylum

ANSA / Brasilia, July 20, 2012, published in Pagina Siete’s website:

Brazilian diplomats outraged with La Paz, according to local press

Brazilian diplomats left transcend their disgust with the Government of Bolivia, apparently safe-conduct to leave the country will not be granted to a Senator opposing and yesterday criticised President Dilma Rousseff’s Ambassador in La Paz, wrote the local press today.

The Brazilian foreign service members have expressed their “indignation” with the Bolivian Minister of communications Amanda Davila, who censured the Brazilian Ambassador Marcel Biato, and came to compare him to an American diplomat who was seen as an enemy of the President Evo Morales reported Valor Economico.

The diplomatic friction between Brazil and Bolivia began on May 28, day in which the opposition Senator Roger Pinto was hosted at the Embassy in La Paz, and deepened weeks ago when Brasilia granted asylum. Folha de Sao Paulo published today that the Bolivian Government already announced quietly to the Planalto Palace that denied the safe-conduct to Pinto, which will prevent him to leave the Brazilian Embassy.

At the worsening of the crisis, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Patriota has held frequent consultations with Ambassador Marcel Biato, added Folha.

The spokesman of the Patriot, Tovar Nunes, Chancellor expressed their divergence with the Minister Davila, who accused the Ambassador Biato incur interference in local political problems.

“Brazil sees no reason to interpret the statements of Ambassador as a pressure” against the Morales administration, said Nunes.