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Reflecting on our imposed? political style with some humor…

April was a hectic month and this one appears to be following that trend… here a few cartoons that illustrate our ordeal:

This is from Los Tiempos, April 24, 2012:

Press news: “A radio that reported about the 9th march was attacked” and “start blockade against the protest-walk”

dog: “what kind of fool are we raising?” [thinking of the boy’s remarks]

boy: “there is nothing to be afraid of. The government, jealous [defender] of our Constitution, therefore of the liberties of expression and transit, will place the corresponding order! right dad?”

This is from El Diario, April 25, 2012:

At the Assembly (formerly the Congress), two members speak:

assembly person 1: “..that deputy o fthe ‘CN’ opposes to everything we the ‘pluris’ from the MAS propose”

assembly person 2: “… and if we do like ‘evo’..! so she supports us, we gave her an outboard motor as a gift..!” [in clear allusion to the number of outboard motors and other ‘gifts’ that the government through the president, executive government officials and even military, have been giving away to people inside the TIPNIS, in order to get support to the poll in favor of the road that would cut in half the indigenous territory and the National Park].

This is from La Razon, May 3, 2012:

It shows how “nationalizations” happened (in importance and dollar value) over time:

current president: “…and for next May 1st [labor day] you get me something bigger to nationalize”

Last nationalization were the power lines, operated by a Spanish firm; government offered around $40 million to appease the harsh criticism he received from the Spanish press; few days later, information appeared that the actual value would be less than a quarter of that value and there are outstanding credits which will be now transferred to the State… to ‘nationalize’ properly or not, it seems that actions are taking without reflecting on the outcomes and economic reality.

To conclude this post, this appeared in El Diario, May 4, 2012:

Current president precariously sitting on top of his “power” saying: “without studying! look where I arrived..! blocking, blockading..!”

University Principal: “bah! outburst! bad example..!”

In the past, Bolivians advocated education as means to progress, both individually and nationally; these days current politicians in power tend to dismiss education, morale, ethics and western civilization milestones. While our youth remain flabbergasted and disappointed; we watch impotent and in dismay how our country is being destroyed.