Nine day strike… and counting…

As days go by, violence, lack of tolerance and proactiveness seem to be fading away. For one, the president decided to stay the last two days in Tarija (department holiday) but could not attend some events because protesters (mainly teachers) tried to approach those places, as a way to put pressure on the president.

The attempt to blockade in over “1000 corners” along Bolivian main cities caused protesters to clash with the police. The use of small quantities of dynamite and loud fireworks have transformed downtown La Paz into a “war like” arena. Airport workers are beginning to engage in the strike, as they say gradually; their main complaint is that they were left out of the institutions that benefit from those salary increases. If the problem continues, there is a big chance that next week regular air traffic will be impacted as well. Yesterday, main roads were blocked to all ground transport, mainly in the main road between La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz.

As the weekend approaches, agricultural produce who is trying to have access to urban markets will likely have to confront the blockaders. The government wanted to meet with the labor unions and the latter wanted to meet only with the president. When everybody speaks and no one attempts to listen… conflict escalates and the fragile Bolivian economy suffers one more time.

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