Does it make ANY sense?

Current government came up with a new issue… change the identification document, not only the document but the number most of us had since we were born…

Question is: does it make ANY sense at all???!!! This started when the police was removed from the responsibility of issuing both the driver’s license and the ID administrative process. Government has just “created” a responsible party to assign new number to replace existing ones. In the past there were allegations that some numbers were cloned. An issue that was registered during electoral periods but the thing is that at least 80% of the numbers are correct… So why in earth do we have to go through this hassle and spend time and money that none of us have… Is it just because to give the appearance as something is being done?

We would have to change our passports, redo our land/house ownership titles, let alone our banking accounts and whatever kind of shares or memberships we would have out there… it is just awkward and useless!!

There couldn’t be any other worse thing to start-up with this week!

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