202 years…

Yesterday, it was the 202 years of the first South American attempt to gain independence from Spain, happened in Sucre, legal Bolivian capital, it was a glorious date to honor and remember: May 25, 1809.

Current president did not participate in the Bicentennial due to political (nor did he attended last year) and social unrest issues regarding the violence exerted in La Calancha, at the time the new Constitution was trying to get consensus. Strong resistance from Sucre citizens started, demanding to honor a promise made that this city should replace La Paz as the house for many of the public offices from the Executive and Legislative powers.

Citizens were repressed forcefully and a few death and hundreds of injured people were the result of the clashes with the police and some party affiliates from current government. Well, the thing is that this president decided to spend four days in Sucre, now that there is no Mayor nor Governor from the opposition, after the once-elected officials were removed from their offices by not-so-clear legal actions taken against them by current government.

Yesterday, despite the efforts to show an apparent calmed city, there were mild protests against the president, Sucre people still do not forget La Calancha and what is more important, justice has not been made. Citizens who lost their lives and those injured still claim for Justice!!

Nevertheless, I believe it was an important decision that the president showed and presented his respects to Sucre in this important date, not as a person but as the head of the State. I just hope that before the next celebration, this government clarifies and punishes those people who participated in La Calancha events.

I take my hat off for Sucre!!

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