Hunger strikes…

As of today at 19:58 Bolivian time, tv news report that unions (COB) have decided to escalate their pressure. They will implement hunger strikes and more road blockades. In an earlier post, about Apacheta, a new video was just released on PAT channel, a upseting one: blockaders were filmed shouting “civil war, civil war.” This crazy chant is not coming from the tropics/lowlands of Bolivia but took place in the heart of the highlands, where current political party (MAS) in government is strong. Nothing good comes from people, when there is no tolerance and anarchy starts developing. We only hope and pray things will calm down as Eastern approaches. Bolivia’s main religion is Catholic.

In Santa Cruz, the bus companies have stopped their services until further notice. Government is calling for dialogue and unions say will attend only if the president attends the meeting. By tomorrow afternoon, we will know more.

Governor Ruben Costas was visited by the woman who was robbed, she called him “his guardian angel.” Governor is recovering rapidly.

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