Food for thought

I have received the following opinion and for us, Bolivians is a pretty accurate one:
“It’s heartbreaking reading about the unrest through your blog. Heartbreaking… and filled with potential, too. I wonder which way the wind will blow and which trees will fall. Much of this, of course, isn’t being noticed in the United States, because we’re so focused on Libia, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and that whole neighborhood. Bolivia feels too
“remote,” and almost frozen in time — even more than these Middle Eastern sandy
non-democracies feel frozen in time.

I still believe that Bolivians need to feel part of a larger group — not just hanging on to their small identities: elites, Indian, union, land-owner, highland, lowland. If there’s nothing to unify the country — to help all feel part of a large family — then Bolivia is  doomed waddle in its present history.”

Bolivians, need to think and act where and how do we intend to fit in this emerging world, for the sake of our children’s children.

I thank for that opinion as it gives us all, food for thought over this weekend.
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