Due process?

Is what people in Santa Cruz, Beni and Chuquisaca are beginning to question. Because of three unrelated litigations that appear to be more political in nature. We believe that at least, the presumption of innocence and due process are questioned in these cases:


Alcides Villagómez, President of the Departmental Legislative Assembly in Santa Cruz continues to be under scrutiny and prosecution. The issue being he did not “award” Rosmeri Gutiérrez, aligned with current national government, one of the indigenous seat to the yuracaré-moxeño group. There is controversy as to this group’s legality or existence as such ethnic group.


Ernesto Suárez, Governor of Beni department is under trial because of an alleged misuse of funds: an electric motor owned by the electric coop in San Borja town, an activity that started before his term.


Samuel Doria Medina, major shareholder of the largest cement holding in Bolivia and one of the opposition leaders to this government is facing a trial for the way shares of Fancesa (cement factory in Sucre) were acquired by Soboce.


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