Police reengineering?

Government announced that both the driver’s license and the identification document processes will be transferred from the police to a civilian organization; an action that was forcefully resisted in 2007 by the police force. The proceeds will continue to go to support the retirement plan the police currently has. This decision supposedly aims at freeing over a thousand policemen from office administrative work and will reinforce police street presence.


Police General Ciro Óscar Farfán, Chief of the National Police (two months and eight days) was replaced yesterday because of a pick-up truck with fake license plates. This is the third replacement this year as corruption accusations overwhelm the police force. New replacement is General Jorge Renato Santiesteban, who led the Intelligence unit during the alleged terrorism case that caused the death of Eduardo Rózsa, et al in Las Américas Hotel. This new Chief also has a three-month period to eradicate corruption, as instructed by the government.


Hopefully, both actions will improve police work and restore credibility. Society at large hopes that crime rates and corruption can be stopped and dealt by in a more efficient manner.

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