Bolivian numb3rs… 36, 11, 9 – 11 and 0

These figures summarize the status of Bolivian problems. Unions and government met over the weekend for 36 hours in a row, as union reps
were leaving the Vice-presidency building around 21 hours, several loud firecrackers announced their presence; the president did not attend those meetings. The government after those long hours offered 11% salary increase. The rural workers’ union who apparently are the only ones who are not accepting that increase, will meet around nine to decide whether to continue the blockades or not.

As I watch the news in a local channel, and write this, there will be no classes (zero) in rural and urban Santa Cruz, something that is more likely to happen nationwide. The COB will meet today at 11:00 and decide what to do now. One government official (vice-minister Navarro), on PAT (tv
channel), in an ongoing interview (La Paz), reports that the salary increase is
12%, Navarro mentioned confusedly that the COB, other financing
(international?) sources will come up with an additional 1% for some sectors (Unitel, a tv channel in Santa Cruz in an ongoing interview is mentioning that the beneficiaries of that 1% will be the teachers). Newspaper La Prensa from La Paz states that the 12% increase will be given gradually to the health and education sectors alone.

In the past, government officials as well as union leaders have reportedly stated contradictory statements which add more to the confusion and uncertainty.

Knowing Bolivia, its politicians and syndicalism… anything
can happen. One thing is certain: Bolivian economy remains in the dark,
negative figures…

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