In between Keynes and Friedman

1720 portrait, Virgin Mary and Cerro Rico de PotosiUnder normal conditions, Bolivia has incredible opportunities for private investment, specially in the Santa Cruz region.

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Bolivia for the last seven years is moving in between what I consider Keynesian and Friedman economics. Most daily updates will show cases along these two theories. I will thank you for any feedback you can provide, as it will help on this service to you all.

In addition, its worth remembering the European economic crisis (late 2011) and the role that economists now have to play to help the “political environment.” Had Great Britain decided to leave the EU, the economics could have worsen and European societies would have certainly move towards Keynesian economic practices.

In any case, Bolivia and other developing economies will suffer an impact for receiving much less economic aid as before.

The death of Venezuela/21st Socialism leader, implied that the outrageous and illegal discretionary dollars spent left right & center will have to stop… Bolivia will probably end up paying for those unsolicited funds that supported the government of the coca grower leader… Keynes certainly did not endorse that type of irrational spending… it is absurd that in the name of the State the so-called saviors… pay bonuses, nationalize foreign private investment and accuse the “evil empire and capitalism” but live like the richest of them all… shame on those who vote for these type of individuals… even those who with the excuse of being misinformed or lack of knowledge or education, end supporting those individuals…

To read about Keynes’ theory and its attractiveness… an interesting article in Spanish from Javier Paz in El Deber, use this link.

Update November 26, 2014: An interesting article by Jeffrey Sachs on Sustainable Development Economics [free-market versus Keynesian economics]

Going back to Bolivia, there are certainly opportunities to come live and prosper; you can certainly contact us for our support! We will help you find appropriate and reliable partners. Thank you.

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