Happy Birthday USA‼️

I had my roots in Bolivia, my fruit is in the USA, as I had all my academic degrees here.

Furthermore, all my professional career, while in Bolivia meant to be in the promotion of development, fighting poverty by working with American international development organizations and private companies. And that made me happy, as I had the blessing of not being forced to interact with dirty politics. Rather, to channel those resources for the benefit of those Bolivians in need.

I am currently sad of the turmoil in Bolivian politics, fueled by despicable mean “socialist” bastards like de coward who flew to Mexico and later to Argentina. Let’s not forget how narcotrafficking distorts and manipulates our daily existence.

I am sad for all the hatred in the USA, at times when the genome should have the final word: no race is better than the other, nor any gender. We are all the same, we are equal, that is why I prefer we should say: ALL LIVES MATTER‼️ not only whites or black … ALL‼️‼️

So, we deserve to be happy, we must keep the best from both countries and prosper. Today, I celebrate the real USA‼️

Published by Bolivian Thoughts

Senior managerial experience on sustainable development projects.

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