Terrorist, listen evo ordering to cut food supply to Bolivian cities‼️

Read what evo says on the video, he’s just a terrorist‼️ From the comforts of Mexico, he talks to one of his warlords, he cares about getting back his power, he despises Bolivians lives.


“FAUSTINO: Brother we have [a] two point of blockade, ok brother, one in Tiquipaya. We have 4 thousand to 500 people brother and [on] another, for you knowledge boss in… Angostura, in the middle mountain brother.

EVO: You know what brother, we don’t have to loose 4 thousand or 5 thousand [followers] brother. Divide the syndicate in 4 or 5 groups. I held up 1 month in a bloquade, let me give you an example, if my syndicate has 40 affiliates each group 10, 10, 10… 4 groups, that [way it] will last [a] longer time. If you don’t focus, it [the blockade] gets tired, people abandon it. If you organize groups, groups, groups, sectors, [change] every 24 hours, we will endure the blockade.

FAUSTINO: Yes brother, we are making a comeback; but, with this amount of people brother, we can change everything brother.

EVO: brother, food can not enter the cities. We have to blockade, a real seige. Right? It’s the same as when they expelled me from Congress in 2002, maybe I occupied the same [amount of] terrain, the minimum should be Cochabanba and La Paz blocked and now they outs me from Bolivia and there is a blockade until we win brother… ok?

FAUSTINO: yes brother, yes yes brother, a hug for you also brother. [We move] ahead with this brother we are standing brother. We will assign ourselves. The only thing is that we haven’t requested at a national lever also confederation to go and march we will take out assign [people] and… and I don’t know with whom but we have to coordinate, brother, the march for the entrance of Caracollo to La Paz brother.

EVO: Yes you have to organize yourselves brother, but regretfully there is no information. I am being questioned. I have been told empty, I was told there is no one who can call for to coordinate. But all the same; from now on it is combat, combat, combat right? We are now living in dictatorship, this is what [a] dictatorships is. Some don’t understand dictatorship, dictatorship. Now people will see what it is like to live under a dictatorship with a coup.

FAUSTINO: Yes brother, it’s all settled brother. We are like soldiers, always standing firm, brother. You also, keep moving forward, you are always here, this is your people, this is your people brother, we are firm brother. A hug, brother

EVO: I am thinking, I want you to know, if the Assembly, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, rejects my resignation I will try, in any way, to get myself in brother. Even if I am detained. We will give [a] strong battle to the racist fascists, brother.

FAUSTO: Yes brother, but they already have the two conversations. I just got a call from sister, the congresswoman Benita Suarez. We are well she tells me, brother. We have moved forward, I told her. We are rejecting she said. Brother this is moving forward is going…

EVO: That’s fine. The [political] party is very united I will congratulate [you] brother, also as just recognition to the people of El Alto we are present with the people of El Alto for the tough battle. The people of El Alto and other sectors, we will defeat them, ok brother?

FAUSTO: Yes brother, a hug brother, see you soon brother.


(Not on subtitles)

EVO: ok, see you soon

OUT OF CAMERA: Who were you talking with? Who were you talking?

FAUSTINO: The president.”

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Old time buddies, back in 2016 he was found guilty of narcotrafficking and was wanted by there police. While he was just doing business as usual and kept evo’s number, listed as “dad” in his cellphone.

Página Siete provides details of their relationship:


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