Elections and gas [… and how evident becomes evo’s lies, his incompetence!]

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Diario:

Economics of words

The government is now facing a dilemma that puts it in the dilemma of choosing between morality and politics, with the case of the well Boyuy X-2.

According to Siglo 21, in the deepest well in the history of the oil industry (7,963 meters), only water and very little gas were found.

The electoral urgencies ask the government to maintain the fiction of saying that in the well was found a fabulous deposit, the largest found in decades.

And, on the other hand, reality asks [the government] to admit the cold data: only water was found, although the investment was $133 million dollars.

The company in charge, the Repsol, usually very ready to provide and celebrate for any news when the MAS is in elections, now it has become somewhat lame.

If all the “discoveries” that had been reported in previous electoral moments had been counted, Bolivia would be at the moment the Kuwait of South America.

But the company only says that it is doing tests after the gas stopped coming out fifteen days after the drilling was completed.

The well only produces water, with a little gas, very little, according to the wellhead spreadsheets.

The company would like the well to be declared a “producer”, even if it is a “residual”, because in that way it could hope that the Bolivian State will return the money invested through the “recoverable costs” procedure.

A natural ambition that, given the circumstances, coincides with the government’s desire to maintain the fiction that a phenomenal discovery was made at the well. The “biggest of decades,” according to the minister of the branch.

That is to say that the interests of the company are well protected and those of the government, which are political, are also protected, which leaves the greatest doubt pending: and who defends the interests of the country?

That a well has not been successful is natural in the oil industry. In eight out of ten wells nothing is found.

This law does not apply when there are elections. If the government wants to maintain that it has found the largest reservoir of gas, not water, of the history of the country, and wants to keep it until October, it can do so.

Morality, ethics, truth, can wait. Then you can say that suddenly the well dried.

Politics has its own truths.



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