A hard cabinet for the prorogation [of autocrat evo]

An excellent Editorial from Pagina Siete:


Evo Morales knows that he will have to face one of the most difficult years of his government. A year in which he intends to ensure his continuity in power, despite the fact that this implies the violation of the Political Constitution of the State.

To achieve that goal he has sworn in a hard and electoral cabinet. The president himself has recognized this extreme. “To the new ministers who join, some return, with an enormous responsibility for a public action part, but also for political action we do management with a good administration,” he said in the sworn in ceremony.

The decision, in any case, is not surprising, because MAS campaigns are headed by ministers, which are distributed according to their ascendancy in different regions.

The new ministers that make up the hard and political wing of the cabinet are historical figures and key figures of the regime, such as Juan Ramón Quintana (Presidency) and Óscar Coca (Public Works), who return to the cabinet after having fulfilled other functions. Nélida Sifuentes (Production) also has a political profile for her strong presence in Chuquisaca and among the Quechua nation.

To show results in management, the President has also used his most important and tough cadres as politicians. These are Luis Arce (Economics) and Gabriela Montaño (Health), two tokens associated with efficiency, but also with intransigence.

The stability and economic growth are the letters of presentation of the Government both inside and outside the country and the achievement is attributed to Luis Arce, who left the cabinet suffering from cancer. While the great weakness of the ruling party is the very poor health system, where Gabriela Montaño will have everything to do. The application of the Unified Health System (SUS) is just the starting point to show that the Government really cares about the most vulnerable.

The possession of Milton Gómez (Labor) is due to the negotiation of the government with the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB), which charges its support to the ruling party with positions in the cabinet.

The only dissonant figure with this political line is Manuel Canelas (Comunicación), known rather for his concert profile. It will be necessary to see what is the seal that he puts to his management, since two of his predecessors, Amanda Dávila and Gisela López, entered with a similar profile, but ended up becoming the main detractors of the free press.

Putting things that way, it is clear that a difficult year is coming, but not only for the MAS, but for the country as a whole. Quintana, who until now served as Bolivia’s ambassador to Cuba, is known for his confrontational profile and use of methods not exactly noble. It is his third possession as minister, which indicates that he is a resisted man, but necessary for the regime.

On the other hand, it is striking that Morales has decided to keep some questioned ministers, such as Luis Alberto Sánchez (Hydrocarbons), who has inflated expectations about the gas without concrete results; or as César Cocarico, whose brother is in prison for a case of land trafficking, in direct contact with the Ministry of Rural Development and Lands.

Nor has he removed the minister of Cultures, Wilma Alanoca, despite her resisted management in the cultural field of the country. She is a share power of El Alto and as such is kept in the cabinet.

The ratification of Carlos Romero in the cabinet, on the other hand, is understandable because it keeps the police under control and is the political operator of Santa Cruz.

The Minister of Justice, Héctor Arce, who has been ratified in the post, is also part of the objectives of this politicized year. He is one of the President’s trusted men and manages the relationship with the Judicial Branch, which, as is known, is a relationship of dependency.

These are the faces chosen according to the objectives of the last year of the constitutional management of Morales.


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