The woman breaking Bolivia’s culture of silence on rape

Dan Collyns reports for The Guardian:

Raped at the age of 15, Brisa De Angulo has devoted her life to the pursuit of justice for herself and fellow survivors of sexual abuse. In the process, she has survived several attempts on her life and influenced crucial changes to the law

Brisa De Angulo was 15 when the carefree, happy childhood she lived in her Bolivian village was shattered.

She was raped by a member of her extended family who was lodging at the family home, on the outskirts of the city of Cochabamba. Over eight months she was raped repeatedly.

“I developed bulimia and then I developed anorexia and I tried to commit suicide twice,” says the 32-year-old. “My parents knew something was wrong but they could never imagine I was being raped in my own home by a family member.”

When she was 16 she tried to press rape charges. The process proved so traumatic she decided to dedicate her life to ensuring no other girl would go through the same experience.

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