evo’s announcement of a second Christmas bonus payment is “irresponsible”

I strongly support Mr. Dehne’s declaration, evo is highly irresponsible! On the other hand Mr. Dabdoub’s remarks are very mild, as if he only wanted to thank this government for the ethanol’s venture …  Bolivia needs strong and clear messages to the fading “leadership” of evo’s autocrat ruling.

The above opinion belongs to Bolivian Thoughts.

El Diario reports [cartoon at the bottom is from El Dia, Oct 2014]:

Businessman Fernando Dehne

Announcement on second bonus payment is “irresponsible”

• The inability of medium and small companies to comply with the decree and the electoral interest of the Government in next year’s elections may induce the private sector to civil disobedience, warned yesterday, the president of the Departmental Chamber of Commerce of Oruro.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Oruro, Fernando Dehne, described yesterday as “irresponsible” the announcement of President Evo Morales, who at the height of the economic growth figures of the country, said that it is “almost guaranteed.”

In view of this situation, the Oruro official warned that before the serious impact of this official decision on the subsistence of companies with less ability to pay could lead to civil disobedience.

“I consider that this announcement is not responsible because the consequences of the provision that will affect medium and small companies have not been fully evaluated, although it is possible that other firms do so,” said the executive.

Dehne argued his statement stating that, “the country’s private company has the perception that the Government has decided in one way or another that the second Christmas bonus will have an effect in its favor in the 2019 elections.”


“I am almost certain, sisters and brothers, taking into account the efforts of the workers, the second Christmas bonus is almost guaranteed until now,” he said in his message to the country, in the context of the celebrations that took place in the Imperial Villa of Potosí on the occasion of 193 years of the founding of the Republic of Bolivia.

“It is not about rejecting the measure, but rather the real possibility that it can be carried out,” said Dehne before an EL DIARIO consultation. The businessmen have already expressed their refusal to pay the double Christmas bonus. They said they have doubts about the economic growth figures issued by the INE, because they seem to accommodate a political decision.

The head of the Chamber of Commerce of Oruro said that during meetings held by the Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs (CEPB) with the ministers of Economics, Mario Guillén and Labor, Hector Hinojosa, respectively, the negative impact of the measure was made clear in the generation of new employment, investments.


Dehne also warned that President Morales’ speech clearly “ignored the role of private enterprise and this leads to ratification that the sector that generates employment is excluded from public policies, which will affect a greater growth in the economy.

President Morales confirmed yesterday that the Gross Domestic Product grew 4.44 percent in the first quarter of 2018 and, according to the Ministry of Economy, it would be enough for the second quarter of this year the economy to expand by 4.2 percent to activate the payment of the second bonus.

In his message, the president reported that the profits of private companies rose last year to more than 27,600 million dollars.


Meanwhile, the former president of the CEPB, Gabriel Dabdoub, said from Santa Cruz, that he should wait for the figures of growth in October, but indicated that according to the presidential speech the president did not say that it will be paid.

He indicated that the growth assumed by the Government is not sufficient for the growth of the economy. He said in regard to the agro-industry sector, which is in the final stage of the harvest in what corresponds to that department, needs decree laws to encourage growth.

He highlighted the production of ethanol that will save foreign currency and use the additive to improve the performance of the automotive sector. “It is good that with ethanol it is possible to produce gasolines with a green seal,” he said.


He proposed to accelerate the dialogue with the Government because of the needs to improve the infrastructure and other sectors that require more robust investments in terms of human capital. He admitted that there was a good growth until 2014, but that starting last year the economy began to show signs of less dynamism (deceleration). “To face this scenario it will be imperative to move from dialogue to action,” Dabdoub said.


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