One more STUPID thing done by evo! sport medals with the shape of coca?!

Photo is from La Razon:

Pagina Siete reports:


Medals in the form of coca

In its eagerness to promote the coca leaf internationally, the Government is making a mistake in having changed the model of the medals of the South American Games to have the shape of the coca leaf. Although coca is a symbol of Bolivian culture, it is not a national consensus because it is also the raw material of cocaine.

And, according to some sportsmen, the consumption of coca [infusion] would cause an athlete to test positive for an anti-doping test, which turns out to be a contradiction, because while an athlete must avoid cocaine consumption, if he wins, he will carry a gold leaf, silver or bronze on the chest.

These nonsense occur because President Evo Morales is also president of the Chapare coca growers, which prompts him to use the Games as a showcase for coca. Do not forget that several sports venues for these Games are in the Chapare.

As much as the president does for coca, the truth is that the leaf is still part of the list of narcotics of the UN and that will not change. On the other hand, the country will be more stigmatized even with the oval medallions.

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