NetBits, a Bolivian startup, wins competition and goes to Switzerland

El Deber reports:

NetBits, Bolivian startup, wins competition and goes to Switzerland

NetBits Business Software, an initiative created by six young Bolivians and offering a software service that provides companies a system of improvements in financial and human resources processes, was awarded the Seedstars Santa Cruz competition. The nomination allows them to participate in the Seedstars Summit in Switzerland in April 2018, a competition that awards up to $1 million dollars in prizes, as well as opening trade and networking advisories.

The mention was given among 11 startups selected by a jury based on competitive advantage, ease of maintaining this long-term advantage, team experience and interaction with the market.

According to the CFO of this startup, Javier Román Roig, his portfolio of clients amounts to 20 companies and another 32 are in the list to access the improved version of it. NetBits offers services starting at $9 dollars and was born to detect the need that companies have to give expression to their results. / AR–y-se-va-a-Suiza-20171011-0097.html

Bolivian Thoughts opinion: This is exactly what Bolivia needs! Young entrepreneurs that through innovation and competitiveness bring Bolivia to this century!

Despite the delusional discourse of the populist demagogue who is sitting at the Bolivian presidency over the last eleven years, these kind of news lift our spirits!!

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